Aviation is highly dynamic. Taking the right decisions, with the right information at hand is vital for sustainability and growth. Our clients are decision makers, responsible for company strategy, investment, development, risk management. Make inquiry here

Airports & Infrastructure

With the increased privatisation of Airport’s comes increased pressure to stay ahead of the competitors. Our clients have found our services highly beneficial in compiling market research, internal auditing and strategic planning. Often the perspective form the outside can highlight areas of strength and weakness.
Wether you are upgrading infrastructure such as runway re surfacing, Landing System Category enhancement or even baggage handling machinery to name a few. We are able to present turnkey solutions from Planning, acquisition, to implementation. Ask us about our completed projects!

Aviation Companies & Operators

Aircraft Operators and Aircraft Owners are often working under extreme pressure and severe financial strain. There are means of implementing procedures and our software with respects to scheduling, crew management, flight planning, handling facilitation, Eurocontrol interaction etc to elevate some of these strains. This allows management teams to macro manage their businesses instead of micro managing the day to day issues.

Scandic Aviation’s Audit Services has also proven to be a leading product among our clients. We conduct auditing of all invoices (Maintenance, Handling, Services) with cross reference to job packs and services ordered, including looking at serial numbers of parts replaced/added. Our clients in Africa, and Scandinavia have already reaped the rewards of this service with increased credit notes and an understanding from the suppliers to ensure service is delivered at the applicable price.

Our clients

We have a broad range of clients, given the scope of our expertise. We treat all our clients with unsurpassed service and quality consultation, be you a private person or fortune 500 company. Some of our clients include:




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