A: BOOKING: The client will place an ORDER with Scandic Aviation AB through sending the request from the Scandic Aviation AB website.

B: Scandic Aviation AB, will then confirm in writing your order request which will include the Invoice for the Safari respectively.

C: The Invoice will be accompanied by an agreement for for your signature. This shall be signed and returned to us.

D: To reserve your Safari, a Deposit of 25% of the Invoiced price for the Flying Safari is payable as per Invoice instruction. All payments will be in Euro. Please advise should you wish to pay in USD or SEK.

E: CONFIRMATION: On receipt of the signed agreement and Reservation Deposit we will make the necessary reservations and send formal confirm to the client along with the preparation pack and requests for documentation to arrange the validation, Excess pilot insurance etc. 

F: FULL PAYMENT: The full Quoted price is due EIGHT WEEKS (56 days) prior to the scheduled commencement of the Flying Safari. 


  • SAFARI DATES: The date on which the client arrives in South Africa is the “beginning Safari Date”. The “ending Safari Date” is the day the client leaves South Africa. 
  • QUOTED PRICE: The amount in Euro of the Flying Safari as specified in the request order. Transportation to and from South Africa, Travel insurance and medical insurance is NOT part of the quoted price. 
  • DEPOSIT: We require payment of a non-refundable Reservation Deposit of 25% the Quoted Price BEFORE we proceed with your reservation. The liability we incur for cancellation fees after confirming your booking with our suppliers makes this necessary. If the reservations cannot be made, and no alternatives are satisfactory to you, we will refund your Reservation Deposit in full. Payment of the deposit also serves as acceptance of the terms and conditions. 
  • QUALIFIED PILOT: Original documents: valid private pilot certificate, or higher; current Biannual Flight Review sign-off in log book; current Airman’s medical certificate; Log book showing PIC time in the specific type and model of aircraft to be flown on safari. The Qualified Pilot must also successfully complete validation exercises as specified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). 
  • RESCHEDULING: Once the client has a confirmed booking scheduled dates can NOT be altered by the client. This is necessary for a variety of reasons including limited availability of aircraft and safari accommodation, fixed schedules of other clients. 
  • CANCELLATIONS: The Reservation Deposit is not refundable except as stated in DEPOSIT above. If a Confirmed Booking is canceled… Within 93 days of the beginning Safari Date, we retain 35% of the total Quoted Price;. Within 62 days of the beginning Safari Date, we retain 50% of the total Quoted Price; Within 31 days of the beginning Safari Date, we retain 100% of the total Quoted Price; 
  • REFUNDS: Further, no refunds on accommodation will be issued if the Flying Safari is delayed, altered, canceled, or cannot be flown due to unsuitable flying weather, or due to mechanical failure of the aircraft, its engine(s), its avionics, or other components, or due to any and all other factors beyond our control. We will, however, work with the client so that any delay is minimal and we will liaise with the accommodations to see if a refund can occur. 
  • CUSTOM PACKAGE: Minimum 5 start accommodation. Minimum 30 Hours flight time. Concierge sur charges applicable. 
  • CONCIERGE SUR CHARGE: Initial €1200 fee for specific planning and logistics administration.


  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation as specified in the itinerary, or similar, will be provided in hotels, lodges, and camps. Scandic Aviation AB reserves the right to substitute hotels, lodges or camps when necessary. The costs of service charges and taxes are included for all accommodations.
  • SINGLE ACCOMMODATION: Single accommodation is at an ADDITIONAL cost. Some safari lodges and camps make a policy of imposing an additional charge when only one person occupies the accommodation. INFANTS and CHILDREN under 12 are not allowed at some bush camps. Policies vary. If you plan to bring children please advise us early in discussions so we can develop a suitable itinerary. TIPPING: Tipping is not included.
  • CHANGE OF SCHEDULE: South Africa is a land of unpredictable conditions. It may, therefore, occasionally be necessary to change the itinerary of a Flying Safari with little or no notice. Scandic Aviation AB reserves the right to make these changes without prior client notification or consultation. We will do everything within our control to maintain the scheduled itinerary and keep our clients fully informed.
  • PILOT EXCESS INSURANCE: Owners and operators of aircraft require pilots to purchase a sub-insurance policy to cover the deductible portion of the owner’s Hull Insurance policy. This is known as “Excess” Insurance. In the event of a claim the Excess policy pays the deductible portion of the owner’s policy. The amount of coverage varies according to the type of aircraft used and the terms of the owner’s underlying Hull Insurance policy. The Pilot-In-Command and non-validated foreign pilots who will manipulate the aircraft controls are obliged to carry sufficient excess insurance to cover any sum he or she may be required to pay. The premium is included in the Flying Safari package.
  • INSURANCE NOT INCLUDED: Scandic Aviation AB provides no insurance of any type except Pilot Excess Insurance. We do not include medical insurance, accident insurance, cancellation insurance, travel insurance, nor other insurance. Clients are encouraged to purchase coverage for these contingencies to the extent they require from their own travel agency or insurance agency.
  • HEALTH:  Drinking water and food are usually good over all of southern Africa and usually require no special precautions. However, clients should check at each location and should check with the lodge and or guides. Alternatively with Scandic Aviation AB before departing on a Self-Fly Safari.
  • PILOT-IN-COMMAND: Only a pilot who has successfully completed the South African Civil Aviation Authority requirements for foreign pilot license validation may act as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of a South African-registered aircraft. The client, so qualified, is at all times the PIC of the aircraft. Scandic Aviation AB provides no other pilot for the Self-Fly Safari, unless otherwise stated in this contract-A safety pilot my be requested.
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR THE PILOT-IN-COMMAND NOT INCLUDED: All travel insurance policies we have seen exclude any person acting as crew of an aircraft from medical coverage arising from an aircraft accident. Under these circumstances, you personally, or your normal health insurance policy are responsible for paying costs of any medical treatment. The travel insurance policies we have seen include coverage for costs arising from other contingencies such as illness or automobile accidents, etc. However, medical coverage is included for passengers traveling in the same aircraft (if they have bought an individual policy). If you have any questions, ask your own medical insurance agent about coverage in Africa for injuries arising out of an aircraft accident in which you are a crew member. BROKERED AIRCRAFT: Scandic Aviation AB owns aircraft and manages other aircraft that are used by clients on Flying Safaris. When necessary Scandic Aviation AB leases other aircraft for client use. An agreement governing the terms and conditions of client use of the aircraft is signed between the client and the aircraft owner or operator.
  • HAZARD: All safari activity is potentially hazardous. All flight in an aircraft is potentially hazardous. Much of Africa is wilderness with unpredictable flying conditions. Indeed, an integral element of a Flying Safari is the experience of flying an aircraft in this environment. Nothing is guaranteed. It is essential that all lawful instructions and advice of Scandic Aviation AB, its representatives, safari operators, and flight instructors, be followed.
  • AIRWORTHINESS OF AIRCRAFT: Aircraft brokered by Scandic Aviation AB for client use are either company owned or supplied by flight schools, air charter companies, flying clubs, private individuals, and aircraft operators. These aircraft are required to have periodic inspections, known locally as a Major Periodic Inspection (MPI), done at 100-hour intervals and annual inspections. In addition the Aviation Maintenance Organization (AMO) responsible for maintenance of the aircraft issues a “Certificate of Safety” certifying the airworthiness of an aircraft. Scandic Aviation AB determines that both these maintenance requirements are complied with. We make no other representation or warranty, express or implied, about the airworthiness, or other condition of the aircraft, its engine(s), its mechanical and/or electronic components, avionics, airframe, or other components. It is the responsibility of the client, acting in his or her capacity as Pilot-In-Command (PIC), to determine the airworthiness of the aircraft supplied, as required by South African Civil Aviation Regulations.


In the event that mechanical difficulties with the aircraft arise in the course of a Flying Safari an attempt will be made to diagnose and fix the problem. Clients should recognize that it is impossible to determine in advance a fixed scenario for dealing with a disabled aircraft in the bush and collateral issues. By nature, a Flying Safari is conducted in remote locations where aircraft service facilities, spare parts, and qualified maintenance personnel are scarce. The pilot and occupants of a disabled aircraft should accept that a delay or curtailment of their planned itinerary is likely.

However, broadly speaking, the following procedures will apply: The client is obliged to notify Scandic Aviation AB in South Africa to advise of the problem and to determine an appropriate course of action. Scandic Aviation AB will contact the owner/operator of the aircraft for further instructions and relay these to the client. The client will undertake no repairs or maintenance without authorization from Scandic Aviation AB, or the owner/operator of the aircraft. Scandic Aviation AB is not responsible for the inability of the client to complete a Flying Safari, or a portion thereof, nor for delays, nor for cancellation of a Flying Safari, nor for bookings at accommodations that are lost because of said delays or cancellations, resulting from any problem arising from a defective or unusable aircraft. Unused flight time may be refunded by the owner/operator of the aircraft. Scandic Aviation AB will make every effort to secure a refund for unused aircraft flight time in this eventuality. In the event that fixing the aircraft will take an extended time — whatever the reason — the client should consider and be prepared to complete the Flying Safari using other available means of transport such as ground transport, air charter, or commercial carrier. Any expenses so incurred are the responsibility of the client. 

  • CLIENT MAY BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE EXPENSE OF GETTING A QUALIFIED MECHANIC TO THE SITE OF AN INOPERATIVE AIRCRAFT: The OWNER of an aircraft is responsible for repairs and maintenance to its aircraft. However, in the event that an aircraft becomes unserviceable but is repairable during a Flying Safari the client MAY have to pay the expense of transporting a qualified engineer (aircraft mechanic) to and from the site of a disabled aircraft. Owners insist on this condition to maintain reasonable rental rates. However Scandic Aviation AB will afford the first €250 of any such expense. A factor determining the cost is the proximity of the disabled aircraft to a certified Aviation Maintenance Organization (AMO). If an event of unserviceability occurs at an airfield where a qualified repair facility is available, then the client incurs no such expense.
  • RETRIEVAL OF AN AIRWORTHY AIRCRAFT: It is the responsibility of the client to return the aircraft to its original point of hire at the conclusion of the Flying Safari. In the event that an airworthy aircraft is not so returned, the client is liable for any and all costs of retrieving the aircraft. These costs may include the costs of air and ground transport, accommodation, meals, communications, and other expenses of the personnel required to retrieve the aircraft; charges for flying time of the aircraft being retrieved including fuel and oil (hourly wet rate); and other expenses that may arise. 
  • BAD WEATHER: Flying Safaris must, according to South African Air Law, be conducted during daylight hours in visual meteorological conditions (VMC). Therefore, it must be recognized that unsuitable flying conditions can disrupt, delay, or even make it impossible to fly a Flying Safari. In the event of adverse conditions be aware that we will do everything we can to help. This may include advice on rerouting, rescheduling accommodations, and other help. Scandic Aviation AB will make NO REFUND for unused aircraft flight time in this eventuality. 
  • EXCESS HOBBS TIME: The client is responsible for payment of flying time in excess of the agreed upon flight time limit of a Self-Fly Safari as stated in this contract. At the conclusion of the Flying Safari the client will be billed according to the prevailing hourly rate for the aircraft in question, including fuel (wet rate). Aircraft flight time will be measured according to readings of the Hobbs meter, if one is installed. If no Hobbs Meter exists in the aircraft, or the Hobbs meter fails, time will be measured according to the aircraft tachometer. Billable time will be determined by the elapsed tach time multiplied by a factor of 1.2. 
  • RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: Each safari participant will be required to sign a “Liability Release” form before departure on a Flying Safari. The intent of this document is two-fold: 1) that the safari participant broadly affirms and acknowledges his or her own responsibility for his or her own actions in participating in a Flying Safari, and any subsequent consequences; 2) the safari participant agrees that Scandic Aviation AB will not be held liable for injury, death, damages or other loss suffered by the safari participant arising from his or her participation in a Flying Safari. 
  • DISCLAIMER: Neither Scandic Aviation AB nor any of its employees, officers, directors, or shareholders, nor any other person acting for, through, or on behalf of it shall be liable for any loss, damage, injury, sickness or death whatsoever or from any cause whatsoever, incurred by any Safari participant or other person, arising out of the Flying Safari, including but not limited to, arising from any errors or omissions contained in its literature or brochures, or from late or non-confirmation of bookings, or from any cause within or not within its control, or from any negligence of itself, or any agent, or of any independent contractor with which it deals, including any third party from or by whom aircraft or motor vehicles are leased or serviced or from whom accommodation, meals, tours or transportation are obtained for the client, and including any liability which any Safari Participant may incur to third parties arising out of the Flying Safari such as injury to or death of third parties or their property. In the event that any tour is rendered impossible, illegal, or inadvisable whether because of weather, mechanical difficulty, illness, season, strikes, war, civil unrest, government interference, or any other cause whatsoever, Scandic Aviation AB shall have the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to cancel any Flying Safari or the remainder thereof, or to make alterations of route, accommodation, aircraft and price details. Any extra expense incurred as a result thereof shall be the responsibility of the client. Scandic Aviation AB may at its discretion and without cost or liability to itself at any time cancel or terminate the client’s booking for any reason whatsoever and, in particular but without limiting the generality of the above, in the event of the illness or the illegal or incompatible behavior of the client who shall, in such circumstances, not be entitled to any refund.